Northern Beaches: Celebrating the Success of the Textile Rescue Program 2021-22

A huge thank you to Woollahra Council for sponsoring the Textile Rescue Program 2021-22. This initiative has been a phenomenal success, garnering an incredible response from schools and the wider community.

Impressive Results
We are excited to announce that the program collected an amazing 421 kg of textiles! Initially, we expected each school to contribute 25-30 kg per term, but schools in Woollahra far exceeded these predictions, averaging 56 kg per collection. This impressive achievement has saved over 395 cubic meters of land from textile waste and prevented 1979 kg of CO2 emissions from landfill.

Environmental Impact
By diverting these textiles from landfills, we have also prevented the creation of harmful microplastics, protecting our environment and wildlife. These pre-kerbside school collections have significantly mitigated potential environmental damage.

Quick Look at the Impact (To Date)
- **421 kg** diverted from landfill
- **1979 kg** CO2 emissions avoided
- **395.31 cubic meters** of land saved
- **56.88 kg** average collection per school

Thank you once again to Woollahra Council and everyone involved for making this program a resounding success!

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