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Let's achieve a waste free world together
Products We've made from waste

A new-generation composite created from waste uniforms and waste plastics.

5 upcycling rotations available.

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A soil nutrient created from hessian coffee bags and bio-char as part of Worn Up's Circular Coffee Program.

Promotes soil health and water retention.

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Rewind composite bags use aluminium and two layers of plastic. They go straight to landfill as they are hard to upcycle. Until we got a hold of them.

5 circular rotations available.

FABTEC is a patented and CSIRO tested product now in market
Products meet Australian Standards

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FABTEC challenges our view of what we used to call waste 

Our employees have a FABtEC desk in their office and experience the great results of a circular mindset

Materials are materials - waste is just what we call something we want to get rid of

Make Materials matter

Are we working hard enough on solutions?
Holy meatballs! There’s awesome pasta here!
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Worn Up has worked with UCC and Toby's Estate Coffee for 2 years to collect their waste and find solutions. The pre-consumer 'rewind' was a major issue.
After trialling Worn Up's technology and process on the layered material we found a solution.
Anne Thompson
Worn Up
Creating a solid material to work with was a first step

Applying the material to a product and succeeding created circular use and reuse options.

Frequently asked questions

More info
When working with textiles why focus on uniforms?
In any manufacturing you need to have consistent feedstock materials. Uniforms are largely predictable fibres and meet the needs for our first range of products.
Why did you extend into 'rewind'?
Part of our sustainability formula is to take as many waste streams as possible from one client to create efficiencies and reduce pollution by collecting from multiple customers. Working with bigger companies allowed us to also access larger volumes for our experiments. We took 3 waste streams from UCC and Tobys Estate all bi-products from coffee roasting. We created 3 viable products for them to explore.
What is your return policy?
Everything should come back to us anyway for it's circular rotation and refrom into something new. We like our customers to be happy and interact with us on what's working. It helps us develop our products.
What payment methods do you accept?
In retail we accept most cards, Apple Pay and other standard forms of payment. In our custom work we arrange 50% as a deposit and the remaining 50% on delivery.
Is it realist to aspire to a waste free world?
Absolutely. We can achieve anything with the right mindset, processes and technology. Materials are only waste if we make them that way. It's us that needs to change.

Design Desk for Architecture Team

The large hospitality client wanted their uniform back in use as a designer desk that is in keeping with their upmarket developments.

Edged with aluminium and a desk base beneath, their old uniforms have a glamorous second life.

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