Collaborate and Manufacture

We collaborate with some of Australia's largest companies who care about  developing meaningful solutions to reuse of their waste.

Worn Up's Textile Waste Reformation Lab based at Macquarie University is where the magic happens. 

By partnering with pioneer customers such as IKEA, COKE, Glassons and many others including the NSW EPA, Worn Up has achieved an amazing goal of diverting 100t of textiles from landfill.


  • collected uniforms from schools all over Australia, companies, associations and anyone who could throw them our way!
  • experimented for 2 years on reformation and re-use and end product development
  • created a great new waste-based composite material third party tested by CSIRO, called FABtec.

CSIRO has third-party tested our composite with great results and even written about us in their BLOG Ecos! Feeling proud!

With the Pilot complete and the experts have given it the tick we are ready to create all sots of things but have to get our processes and production in place throughout 2023.

We are so happy to announce the Worn Up Textile Innovation Lab, sponsored by Macquarie Uni Incubator and Ryde Council, will kick-off in February 2023 to drive creation of new circular products from waste textiles.

Collections are paused to allow us to:

  • get the Lab going
  • get funding in place
  • develop manufacturing capability and partnerships ready to scale solutions.

See what CSIRO had to say here.....