TEXTOP Stool Tops


TEXtop stool tops are super fun and made from uniforms donated by our wonderful schools in the Textile Rescue Pilot. Each TEXtop is unique and recovers waste uniforms and waste plastics to create a great stool top for you to add to a preloved stool or just use however you like.

They are durable and sturdy so they don't topple over.
Each colour is a different variation in colour as each sheet is unique. Perfect for small stool top for kids and a great example to have on display at your school or to use in lessons on sustainability.
If possible we suggest using an existing stool to refurbish with the children as a lesson in up cycling.  Front and back are different and shown in image.


    School uniforms and waste plastics.

    Not recommended for contact with food or boiling water.

    Not suitable for uncovered splash back or floor applications unless covered by the appropriate glass.

    Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm

    Weight: 1.37kg